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Building YOUR Personalized
Coupon Organizer

1. Start with the binder. You can use any standard 3-ring binder. I recommend at least a 1 1/2" ring size. Most people have two or three of these laying around the house from school or work projects.

A zipper style binder works best because it holds the coupons inside if the binder is dropped or picked up the wrong way but when starting out any binder will work.

2. Decide how you are going to arrange your coupons.
--By store layout
--Alphabetically (by product or by brand)
--By category
--By expiration date

The sections can be marked by using stick-on or insertable tab dividers. If you are using paper pocket inserts you can write the section on the insert closest to the top of the page.

3. Start placing the coupon pocket pages in each section. I recommend that you start with one 8-pocket page in each section. As you file your coupons you will be able to determine where the other size pages will be most useful. Since they are 3 hole punched it's easy to move them around. (See the different coupon pocket pages and their uses HERE)

4. If you use paper inserts cut and place them in each pocket. This makes it easier to see which coupon is on the page and also allows you to get double use from each pocket. Coupons can be placed in front of the paper insert and also behind the inserts facing out on the back of the page.

5. Clip and file your coupons in the proper sections.


MomSaves Complete Coupon Binder System

MomSaves Complete Coupon Binder System includes:
Premium zipper binder (various sizes, styles and colors) instructions to create your personalized coupon binder system, binder ID page, 55 assorted sizes of vinyl coupon pocket pages, 24 pre-printed category tab dividers, large reuseable shopping bag and 5 valuable downloadable documents to help you save more with coupons.

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6 Pocket Page
These pages are great for the tall, skinny coupons we get each week. Also the perfect size for Register Reward and Catalina coupons.

4 Pocket Page

This is a good size for larger coupons that are too wide for the 6 or 8 pocket pages.

I also have one of these in the front of my binder to hold coupons I've pulled as I shop. When I get to the checkout all I have to do is hand over my coupons and watch the total go down, down, down!


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