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It's Time To Go Shopping
Do You Know Where Your Coupons Are?

My name is Kathleen - I'm "Mom" at  I've been using coupons for more years than I want to admit (a lady never tells her age - right?) and I know the "SECRET" to saving lots of $$$ with them.

So what is this "SECRET" to successful coupon shopping?

The Secret


If your coupons are scattered all over the house or somewhere in the bottom of your purse you aren't going to save much. You need to get organized!

Sounds easy - right? You can just pop over to Walmart and get one of those coupon organizer things.

Sorry - about the only thing you will find at Walmart (and every other store) will be one of those little accordion style organizers with 8-12 generic product categories. They're OK if you're just starting out and only have a few coupons. You will quickly discover that once you have a couple of weeks worth of coupons it can be very time consuming trying to locate the ones you need in this type of organizer.

In order to get the maximum savings from your coupons you need a coupon organization system that works with YOUR shopping "style".

Now by style I don't mean you have to dress up or that your purse has to match your shoes. (What type of stylish purse do I need to go with flipflops??)

Your "shopping style" can involve the amount of time you have to shop, the number of stores you visit and even the route you push your cart through the store. 

I've tried a lot of different coupon organization systems over the years and have found the binder system to be easiest to adapt to anyone's shopping style.

My binder is holds lots of heavy duty clear plastic pages with various size coupon holder pockets (7 different size pockets!) and insertable tab section dividers. Oh yes, I have some coupons in there too!

I love the convenience of being able to see the coupons I have - plus with the different size coupon pockets (1, 3, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9 pockets per page) I can easily see the value and expiration dates. (Don't even get me started on trying to fold coupons where these are visible with the old trading card pages!)

Since both the pages and the tab dividers are designed for use with 3 ring binders I can arrange them any way I want.

That means if I shop at one grocery store all the time and want to arrange my coupons according to store aisles - I can do it.

Or if I prefer to organize them by categories (product type or brand name) - I can do that.

Some people like to keep on top of expiration dates so they organize the pages to show which coupons are expiring soon - I can do that too.

Maybe I have a limited time to shop and only want to file coupons for items I use regularly or ones that are on sale that week - that will work too.

You may not know what your coupon "style" is yet. Never fear, the binder method is fantastic for trying out new and different ways to organize your coupons. All you have to do is move the pages around and change the tab dividers. Easy!

I call this the Build-It-Yourself Coupon Organizer because you can truly "build" it to work with your shopping style. You may already have some of the items you need to put it together - a binder, some tabs, etc. Here at my Coupon Organizer HDQ I've tried to make available any other items you need to create your perfect coupon organizer. Check out the different sections listed on the left for more products and ideas.

It you have questions please email me - I would love to help.

Happy Couponing Everyone!
Kathleen ("Mom")

P.S. Go HERE for complete instructions for building your organizer.

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I also have one of these in the front of my binder to hold coupons I've pulled as I shop. When I get to the checkout all I have to do is hand over my coupons and watch the total go down, down, down!
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