Comments from MomSaves Customers

I got my order today and love it. Can't wait to use it this weekend.

Amy / TX
The pocket pages have made it so easy for me to see all my coupons. Thank you so very much!!

Fawn / CA
Can't wait to get my binder!
Thanks for having such great prices and making everything into an easy to order kit! :)

Rachel / TX
thank you so much for helping us moms especially for the beginners like me.keep up the good work....

Marie / NJ

I received my order today for coupon binder pages. I am so excited! They are exactly what I had been searching for. Thank you for the quick processing, and the great extras. I will definately be back to purchase more
couponing items.
Again, thank you!

Hello Kathleen,
I wanted to send you a note saying that I really like you sleeves- the prices were good and the coupons you send with the sleeves help pay for them so
how wonderful it feels to get
an order from you!


I went to CVS today and only bought items I had coupons for and only products that I really needed, I did buy some B1G!’s plus had coupons and my bill was $48.08 (BC) before coupon and then they applied the coupons and the balance due was $25.88! 
53% savings and I just started doing this!


Kathleen you have transformed my coupons!!! I will have to email you a picture of my binder. I have A.D.D. and I love to be organized but sometimes it hard, but this system is AMAZING!! I had friends over last night and was able to share my extra coupons and coupons I don't use with them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Being organized has made my stockpile grow!! I hope the people I have shared you with become your "kids" like me.
:-) Thanks Mom!!!!

Joanna / FL

I've filed coupons behind dividers in a box for years but have missed out on deals because it will be sitting at home when I need them. Now I can just take the binder with me as I leave the house for unexpected stops at the store which happens quite often in my hectic life. Thank you for taking the time to put together a great organizational tool for all of us who are just too busy to do it ourselves.

Katherine / FL


Amy / GA
thank you and congrats on increased business!! was so pleased with quality of alI I ordered last time, so came back , plus always impressed with quality of your customer service. Well done!

Kay /MO

You have the best deal and extras that come with the binders. I am so glad that I found you!

Shelly / GA

Loved the last pages I bought from you! Thank you.

Nancy / VA
I love my new coupon book! Now my husband will go shopping with me because it doesn't take as long since I can go through my coupons much quicker!. More savings too because I don't overlook any coupons. Saving is so rewarding!

Melinda / TN
This site is awesome !!!!! I loved everything from my first order, so I ordered more.. What a great way to get and stay organized. Thanks !

Donna / IL

Love your website!! Excited about getting these pages beause right now my coupons are everywhere and it takes forever to go through them when I am at the store :)

Rachel / TN


Get Organized With A
MomSaves Complete Coupon Binder System

These new zipper binders from MomSaves come with
everything you need to get
your coupons super organized so you can save LOTS of $$$

MomSaves Complete Coupon Binder System Is
Now Available Exclusively at

Replacement pages
for your binder are available on
Check them out HERE

Complete Coupon Binder System Includes

MomSaves Coupon Binder System
(1) Quality Coupon Binder with Zipper Closure

55 Assorted Coupon Pocket Pages
(25) 8 Pocket - (10) 6 Pocket - (10) 4 Pocket - (10) 3 Pocket
Highest Quality Available - Made in the USA

24 Pre-Printed Coupon Category Tab Dividers
MomSaves Exclusive
Easy to read color-coded mylar tabs with print on both sides
Extra wide divider page for more visibility between coupon pocket pages
16 food + 8 non-food "Most Popular Categories"
chosen by MomSaves customers

Extra Large Reuseable Shopping Bag
Large enough to hold oversize items like bread, chips, cereal
Convenient over-the-shoulder handles
Can also be used to carry your coupon binder!

Full Color Instructions and Binder ID Page


Access to the following downloadable files you can print from home

MomSaves InfoGuide to Coupon Savings
19 pages of coupon tips and ways to save more $$$

Coupon Pocket Paper Insert Templates
Print, cut and insert in each coupon pocket to DOUBLE the coupon capacity

Shopping List
Color-coded to match coupon category tab dividers

Weekly Meal Planner
Save time and money by planning your meals around weekly sales

Price Book
Instructions and price tracking pages

Links to access these documents will be included in your order

***Don't Forget***
Each Coupon Binder includes all of the
system contents listed at the top of this page!

More Comments from MomSaves Customers
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SITE!!! So excited to get my organizing supplies I have looked everywhere for this stuff and what I could find was so expensive and not exactly what I wanted, You put everything needed in one place and for a GREAT PRICE!!! Thanks so much!!! Cannot wait to get this and continue my savings!!! I love COUPONING!!! - Tammy/PA
Hey Kathleen,
I received everything so quickly and was amazed at all the detail you put into the packages.  I will refer people to you as I wow them with my couponing!

You deliver a wonderful product that is complete in every way.  Thanks again!!


Hi Kathleen from the mountains of New Hampshire!

Thanks for the great site and the opportunity to organize!  I have looked everywhere for these little holders for coupons and could not find them!

My young adult daughter
(who is pregnant with their first child) and I have begun couponing for the first time and all I can say is: WHY WHY WHY didn't I think
of this sooner!!  

Tam / NH

I LOVE my coupon organizer! My daughter purchased it as a Christmas gift for me. It is absolutely perfect. We have spent the last few days sorting and organizing and have found I need more page (yeah!). Thank you for the 10% discount flyer and for all of the coupons and tips!
Vickie / FL
Thank you so much, my kit was better than expected!! And thank you so much for the xtra coupons, that was so sweet too. Def. worth the wait.
You're doing an awesome job, the plastic sleeves are a great quality!  I think I'll be ordering more  soon! :)
Laura / ME
I just received my binder yesterday and it is awesome.  I’m going be so organized now. 
Jill / WI
Keep up the great work. My new coupon orginizer I just purchased from you will make my life so much easier.

Jennifer / IL
I just received my order and wanted to let you know I LOVE it! I had tried looking around Omaha to put one together myself til I find your website. Thanks so much!!

Lisa / IA
OHHHH I am a happy camper now! I just recieved my binder today, LOVE IT! Thank you very much!

Colleen / TX
This website is great! I'm so glad
I found it! I cannot wait to get my binder!

Christy / FL
Love the binder and coupon inserts. You are a class act!

Patricia / CT
Thank You for helping me get my coupons organized. Those pocketed sheets are awesome. I just did not order enough of them the first time. Your web site is very informative, and helpful.

Donna / IL
I just received my premium binder pages from you! What a great value! You have made me wanting to get into couponing so easy! I just had my 1st "extreme couponing" experience. I got 6 bottles of Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce totally for free! I'm hooked on couponing now and will be telling my friends to get started couponing and to contact you. Again, you offer a great service, product offering and an
enormous value!

Deborah / CT
I think this is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your tips on which pages work best, for doing all the research for those of us who are just starting to coupon. I am married and have a 10 month old son. Couponing and all its tips and tricks are overwhelming! I'm excited to start my binder. Using paper clips and a small coupon organizer just doesn't cut it!

Charlotte / VA


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