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Here are a couple more stories from MomSaves readers I thought you might enjoy.The first one is from another long-time couponer - Nora Y

I have been using coupons for many years.  I started out using a tupperware breadkeeper ( a yellowish orange color so you will know how many years ago that was!) that I divided into catagories alphabetically such as bread, cereal, dairy....ect.  It worked because it fit into the section of the shopping cart where you would sit a child, which was a problem when I couldn't get a sitter and she came to the store with me.

I got away from using coupons as I had more children and was so busy, which is too bad looking back, as this would have been the time of my life when I could have used the savings.

My married daughter got me involved with couponing last year.  Now I use a three ring binder that has baseball card holders.  As I continue couponing, I have gone from the 1" binder, to the 2" binder, to a 3" binder.  Just when I think I have enough card holders, I find I can organize better, making it easier for me to find my coupons.   I organize alphabetically first, (Hair being one catagory for me)  then I organize by conditioner, shampoo, styler.  I put all my suave shampoo in one section of card holder, all my head and sholders in one card holder....ect.

This has worked very well for both me and my daughter.  She is much better at couponing than I am, so I always make sure I go with her to the store (LOLOL....thinking of the days with her in the grocery cart taking up my coupon box space, maybe this is 'payback time")

My binder has a folder space in the front for me to put my monthly coupon papers that CVS and Rite Aid give out at the beginning of the month.  I also put misc. coupon books in there.

I am continually making sure that I am up to date on when my coupons void and clear them out, making room for the up to date ones.  I try to get three sets of coupons on the weeks that I feel there are "good" coupons in the papers.

I love couponing.  I know I will never go back to the days of walking into a store and buying whatever I see off the shelf.  I tell my husband that shopping for me is like hunting is for him, only I am hunting for that bargain.  Whenever I walk out the door, I grab my coupons the same way I would grab my purse.  You never know when you might need them.

The next article is from Shannon C who has discovered the joy and frustration of serious couponing.

Ok, It is funny that you asked this question at this time, because I have just completely changed my entire couponing system.

Until recently, I bought one paper and would just clip the coupons I needed for the week and put them in one of those little coupon organizers you get from Wal-Mart. Oh, how things have changed (thanks to the centsible sawyer).

I now buy anywhere from 3-6 papers each week. So, I had this huge stack of unclipped coupons and it was killing me. I spent a lot of time searching. So, then I had the bright idea to clip them. Oh, it was awful, I spent hours clipping all those coupons. Then I had them all in a big box.

So, I bought a hard plastic 3-ring binder from Wal-Mart, and 180 4x6 photo album page inserts,  I have all my coupons organized in alphabetical order by product category. My categories are stuff like: baby, paper products, sauces, detergents, etc. I have them separated with 5 yellow tabbed file inserts.

My life is so much easier now. If I need a coupon for toilet paper, I don't have to look through all those inserts just to find the right one. Oh, and I always put my coupons that expire first in the front of the pocket. And, I have a special section just for Publix .
 Anyway, that's how I organize my coupons. Thanks, Shannon

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