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Do you use paper inserts in your coupon pockets?

You can see them in the picture below.  I use brightly colored paper inserts in each pocket to make the coupons more visible and also to divide each pocket to give you double use.  With an insert you can put coupons facing the front of the page - then behind the insert you can place another set of coupons facing the back of the page.

A while back one of my daughters was visiting and helping me with some new products for MomSaves.  I mentioned that I'd like to put together a set of templates to help everyone make these inserts.

We thought it would be a simple project but it took us HOURS to get the sizes exactly right and keep from it from resizing when printed.  FINALLY we got it right and did a .PDF which includes a template for each of the 6 different MomSaves coupon pocket pages.  Each page has dotted lines to show you exactly where to cut for inserts that fit snugly in your coupon pockets.

You can now purchase the set of templates for $1.49 and receive an instant download of the .pdf document. 
Coupon Pocket Insert Templates
(delivered by download link)


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6 Pocket Page
These pages are great for the tall, skinny coupons we get each week. Also the perfect size for Register Reward and Catalina coupons.
Package of 10 - $4.95

4 Pocket Page
This is a good size for larger coupons that are too wide for the 6 or 8 pocket pages.

I also have one of these in the front of my binder to hold coupons I've pulled as I shop. When I get to the checkout all I have to do is hand over my coupons and watch the total go down, down, down!
Package of 10 - $4.95

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