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Best Websites for Printable Coupons

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Coupon Network by Catalina

RedPlum Online Coupons

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Manufacturer Sites with Coupons
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Make a plan.
A general doesn't do into battle without a plan - and you shouldn't go shopping without one either. Do your research - check the local sales flyers, look for bargain alerts on shopping forums, and timesaving list programs in your area.

Eat before you go grocery shopping - don't eat before you go clothes shopping.
If you're hungry when you go grocery shopping you are much more likely to toss extra snack items in the basket. If you're hungry when you go clothes shopping - you won't spend so much time and money!

Never pay full price!

Always look for a sale, a markdown, a coupon or a special offer. On large items - like appliances and cars - research everything online before you shop locally. Look for sites that have reviews from customers who have used the product.

Watch out for marketing tricks.
Items placed on the middle shelf (eye level), at the end of the aisle or near the checkout line are not there by accident. The store wants you to see those items - hoping you will be an impulse shopper. Why do you think the sugar coated kids cereal is always on the bottom two shelves??

Always check your receipt.
I can't count how many times I've found errors on my store receipts. If you find a mistake - take the receipt back to customer service and ask for an adjustment.

Don't be afraid to return something.

Maybe you were in a hurry and saw a shirt you thought would match your blue slacks. You got home and saw it wasn't going to work. Don't hang that shirt in your closet - if you do you'll never make it back to the store to return it. Have a special place for return items so you can get them back within the store's return policy time.

AND, don't be afraid to complain.
If you are a thrifty shopper you spend a lot of time and effort to stretch your money as far as possible. If you get poor quality merchandise or bad service locally - ask to speak to the manager. For products that do not perform as expected - write to the company expressing your concerns. Tip: Write to the corporate office rather than customer service. Your letter will get forwarded on - but might get more attention because it came from the "top".

Note: In all shopping experiences - good and bad - it's best to practice the Golden Rule. When I worked in Customer Service I was always more willing to help someone who was nice than someone who yelled and cursed at me.


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