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CVS Extra Care Card

You can do well shopping at CVS if you know what you're doing. The hardest thing to do at CVS is to get started.

The first thing you need at CVS is the CVS card- it's red. You can pick one up at the register and use it for any deals. Buy something small or do an Extrabucks deal. In 2-3 days you'll be able to go online and fill in your personal information at the CVS website.
Take my advice- enter your personal information and put one of those little cards (you'll get three with your original card) on your keychain. The card is the key to getting great deals at CVS. It will keep track of your purchases so that you can qualify for Extrabucks and also print out CVS cash register coupons. When you fill in your personal information online make sure you include your phone number. If you forget your card, you can give the cashier your phone number and your purchases will be credited. BUT, if you don't have your card you won't be able to print out your Extrabucks, so bring your card with you every time.

Coupons at CVS
CVS takes (accepts) coupons and CVS MAKES (issues) coupons. Sometimes there are CVS coupons available at pharmacies (for a gift card for new prescriptions), and many stores also have a scanner which will print out coupons when you scan your CVS card. There are also CVS coupons that print out on your receipt from time-to-time. No one really knows what triggers all of the different CVS cash register coupons but some print out for everyone, while others seem to be based on prior purchases (maybe you bought some batteries a few weeks ago- you'll get a coupon for batteries if you haven't purchased any since). Other cash register coupons seem to be based on a current or future sale. One thing is certain about CVS cash register coupons- if you use them, you'll get more- sometimes lots more. I once had NINE CVS cash register coupons print out at one time. You can get these coupons at any time, but they seem to print out for most shoppers on Monday or Tuesday. These coupons will have an expiration date and most stores will not take them if they have expired.
CVS will take manufacturer's coupons (Sunday inserts or other sources) and CVS will also take CVS coupons on the same product. If you are lucky enough to get some CVS coupons that are off any purchase (sometimes national magazines will have a $4 off any $20 purchase at CVS) you can use this coupon with other CVS and manufacturer's coupons. This type of coupon is occasionally sent in your email or on the coupons printed out at the scanners. Coupons off any purchase are very valuable.

If there is a "Buy One Get One Free" (B1G1F) deal at CVS you can use two coupons. Many stores will allow you to use a B1G1F coupon when the items are on sale B1G1F. Another great thing about coupons at CVS is that if there is an Extrabucks deal (Example- "Buy $20 worth of Dove, get $10 Extrabucks."), the total counts BEFORE coupons. If you buy $20 worth of Dove and have $15 worth of coupons to use, you'll get credit for the entire $20.

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Susan / TX
Shop at CVS? Be sure to sign up to be a CVS Advisor. You may get surveys that will pay out Extra Care Bucks for your opinions. I have received $20 worth of ECBs so far!

Sign up here:

Susan / FL
I try to always save at least 5 or more CVS extra care bucks to start my saving with the next week. And I always scan my card when I enter the store. You never know what great coupons are waiting for you.

Susan / TX
Sometimes I need to buy items that do not go on sale as often as I need them (like Children's Zyrtec). I build up ECBs with moneymaking scenarios so I can use the free money to cover all or some of the cost of the non-sale items. Or I wait for a $X off $X CVS CRT and stock up on non-sale items then.

Susan / TX
I tend to build up quite a stash of CVS extra care bucks with moneymaker scenarios. I don't like to have so many ECBs at one time, so in order to convert ECBs to cash, I look for rebate items. and purchase them with my ECBs. I then send off the rebates and get my money back in about 6-8 weeks.

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