Toni / OH

I buy my coupons off Ebay. Many sellers have them 20 for $1 which in my opinion. $.05 for a coupon that nets a free item is definitely worth it!

I also get all of my family to save me their inserts because none of them use coupons.

Jennifer / FL

I find my coupons in the Sunday newspaper, near the front door of the grocery store, and at my school! In the front office of the Elementary school, there is a local, free newspaper that has a Red Plum insert. Oh...and always get two papers!! You use two coupons on buy on get one free and you save so much more!

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Karen / OH

Most corner deli or beverage stores will allow you to get coupons from Sunday's paper on Monday. They are reimbursed for unsold papers and do not need to return the coupons. Offer the store a small amount of money and most will be happy to give them to you :)



Probably the number one question I get asked when shopping is “Where do you get all those coupons?”  I usually just answer – “I buy lots of Sunday newspapers!”

That’s true – I usually buy extra copies of the Sunday paper just for the coupon inserts.  How many I buy depends on how “good” the coupons are that week.

What are “good” coupons?  Ones you will use!  If the insert is full of baby and dessert coupons and you’re a mom on a diet with a house full of teenagers – then it’s probably not a good week to buy lots of papers.

A great way to check what might be included in your weekly insert is to go to  They usually post a list on Wednesday or Thursday of the coupons that could be in your insert on the following Sunday.  I say “could be” because different parts of the country get different coupons.  You may not get everything that’s on their list or your values may be different.  I remember a few months ago everyone was excited because there was supposed to be a FREE Electrasol coupon in the insert that week.  Some people got it – but I think our area only got $0.75. 

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I try to get my papers as cheaply as possible too.  In my area we can buy “bundles” of 2 Sunday papers at a reduced price.  You can find them at the grocery stores and convenience stores.  Some stores actually have them on Saturday which is a definite head start on the new ads that start the next day.  As soon as I get my papers I skim through one to pull out the other ad flyers and check for any coupons that might be printed in the main paper.  After that I go to one of the school recycle bins to pull coupons and dump the papers. 

If your area doesn’t do the bundled papers check with your newspaper carrier to see if there are any deals on multiple papers.

But newspaper inserts are not the only place to find coupons. There are many more.

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