I've included some of my best recipes in each of the following catagories. I hope you will share your favorites too.
Grandma Katy
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Grandma Katy's Household Tips
Having trouble opening those "easy-open" jars? Try putting on
rubber gloves or wrapping a rubber band around the lid.
Use less cooking oil. When you buy a new bottle don't remove the bottle seal - simply poke a few holes in it with a sharp knife. You will be surprised at how much longer it lasts.
More Great Recipes
Cut SOS pads in half before using them. Two halves will last longer than one whole plus the steel wool will sharpen your scissors.
Frustrated by the adhesive left when you remove labels or stickers from glass? You can quickly remove it adding a little peanut butter to a damp cloth and rubbing the spot. Wipe off adhesive and pb with another part of the cloth. Works great!
New way to cook spaghetti.
Bring water to a boil then turn off burner. Add dry spaghetti, cover and let it set the as long as the directions say to cook it. Spaghetti will be cooked perfectly and won't stick together.
Does your leftover salad get yucky when stored in the refrigerator? Put it in a storage container and cover with a paper towel. Put lid on and store upside-down in the refrigerator. This is fantastic - salad stays fresh much longer. If you take some out replace the paper towel before
re-storing in the fridge.
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