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I loved the convenience of seeing every coupon by simply turning to the right page in my binder. But, there was one problem - getting the coupons to fit into the small sports card pockets. I had to fold the larger coupons and it was difficult to fit some in where you could see the product, the amount of cents off and the expiration date.

Over the years I experimented with different types of pages. The four pocket pages used to hold CD's were a good size but much too expensive for my large coupon collection. Inexpensive photo albums had nice vinyl covered pages but didn't hold up well. I even tried taking regular page protectors and cutting them in half to make ½ page holders. Don't waste your time trying that - it was not a good solution.

I kept looking for a page with pockets that would hold the coupons without folding them. Finally I found a manufacturing source with a larger variety of vinyl pages than my local office supply stores. As I thumbed through their catalog I FOUND IT! The solution I had been searching for.

The pages were heavy-duty clear vinyl and fit in a standard 3-ring binder. Each page had 3 pockets which are loaded from the top. Perfect for big, small, tall, short and long coupons.
Susan / TX

Couponing can take up a lot of time. I work full-time and have a chronically ill child who requires a lot of medical attention. So in order to spend quality time with my daughter and to get my coupons cut and organized at the same time, I've found ways to include her in my tasks. For example, to practice cutting straight lines, I give her coupons to cut out. I don't give her high value coupons or anything that I'd be upset about destroying. So far... no problems! I also had her draw images to represent categories (e.g. fruit & vegetables for "produce", toilet paper for "paper products") and put them out on the floor. Then we work together to sort coupons by category so I can get my binder organized. She's 4 1/2 and she's already starting to understand the importance of coupons and money.

Heather / TX

Never throw away coupons you think you will never use. You never know when a super deal can come along making those items free, then they can be donated to a local food pantry, pet shelter, battered women's center, etc. Someone can always use those things that you know you absolutely won't. Just a small way to pay it forward.

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I took some scrap paper I had on hand and printed product headings on the top of each page - Baking Products - Batteries -- Candy/Gum, etc. Some catagories I broke down into several subcatagories. For example, in the "cereal" section I made a header for each of the three major brands (Post, General Mills, Kelloggs) and an extra for Cereal - Other. That was for stuff like oatmeal and Cream of Wheat. After I printed the headings I cut each page into 1/3's to line the pockets. They are a little wide - have to be trimmed on one side to fit.
The beauty of this system is that you can set it up to work for you. You can divide your coupon pages into general or very specific catagories.

Update: After finding this "perfect" coupon organizer
I found one even better!


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