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3. How do you organize your coupons - by Category or Alphabetical?

The category system of organization seems to be the most popular. Some people then sort the categories alphabetically. Others sort by shopping pattern at their favorite stores. Sorting by date is popular when couponers file the whole inserts or for a few people who file by expiration date.

4. If you use categories - which ones do you use?

Categories is probably the most personal thing about couponing. The number of categories and how detailed they are is something each couponer decides for themselves. I know I have changed my categories many times. At one point I only had a few major ones. Then I went totally the other direction and was so detailed it took me forever to file my coupons. The list I use now is kind of in the middle. If you would like to see the categories I use and the type of coupons I file in each one email me and I will send it to you. Email:

If you would like a lot of ideas to choose from I've taken all the categories that were submitted in the survey and alphabitized them. See the LONG LIST here.

5. What's your biggest problem with organizing coupons?
The biggest problem most couponers have with organizing their coupons is finding the time to do it. Whatever system you use - for it to be effective you must set aside some time each week to work with your coupons.

6. Do you get more than one set of coupons each week? If yes, now many?
This varies a lot depending on each couponer's shopping habits. An average seems to be about 1 set of inserts for each family member. The coupon preview ( usually is available on Wednesay. It will give you an idea of what will be in the follow Sunday's paper. On the weekend you can purchase one paper (or subscribe for delivery) and check to see what coupons are actually in your local inserts. If there are coupons for items you know you will be buying before the expiration date then you can decide how many papers you want to get.

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