Thrifty Tips
Hey mom, save those pennies, they really add up!!
Every December we take a family trip to Disney for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. Well, with money tight, I decided to try a new way to save last year for our December trip. I got a large flower vase and put it on the dresser. When I go to the store or have to spend money, I ONLY spend paper money, meaning no coins.
When I get home, I put the change in the vase and there it stays! When it came time to get ready for our Disney trip last year, I had a little over $400 saved up! All I had to do was cash it in at the bank and we were on our way!! This has now become a way of life in my house, so we are excited to see how much we will have as a joint effort for this December's trip! So start saving those coins, you won't even miss them!!
Deborah / FL

A Texas MomSaves member writes...."I found a great way to save money and cut calories all at the same time."

I work in a very busy and stressful office. Every afternoon about 3 o'clock I'd find myself getting out of my chair, walking down the hall to the vending area. When I got there I couldn't decide if I wanted a soda or a candy bar. So I'd compromise by getting both. I figured a diet soda would offset the calories in the candy bar.

One afternoon I was digging in the bottom of my purse for change so I could get my snack. When I bent over I noticed my slacks were a little tight around the waist. I remember thinking, "they must have shrunk in the laundry". All of a sudden I realized what my afternoon snack habit was really costing me. The soda was $1 and the candy bar was 75 cents - I was spending $1.75 a day - almost $40 a month - to gain weight!

I finally found the $1.75 I needed - but instead of putting it in the vending machine I dropped it into an envelope in my purse. I'd like to say I never had another snack attack - but some days you just need a little chocolate to survive. I did save almost $30 last month plus my slacks magically "unshrunk" and fit much better now.

M. Franklin - TX

Two great moneysaving tips from another MomSaves reader...

Sign up with They usually give you 2% toward a college education. There are specials all the time on particular brand products that contribute more. It's free money for college.

Also, use an airline mileage program credit card. Make sure you allocate the money from your budget, like you were paying cash, so you can pay off the card every month. We have enough money to cover books on first year of college and have taken 3 free flights this way.

Kenny - TN  
How Do YOU Save $$$?
Think about the things you do to save money. Your idea may be just what someone else needs to save some pennies, nickels or dollars. Don't be shy - share your ideas with the rest of the MomSaves family.
Email YOUR moneysaving tips to
Another Money-Saving Tip From Mom...
If your child's backpack gets a tear in it, thread some dental floss onto a needle with a large eye. Use that to sew up the hole. It's stronger than regular thread and will hold up to the use. Also works great when you need to repair your tent or winter jacket!
This tip really makes you think about all those "quick trips" we take every day...
Think about all of the small car trips you make and then figure out how much they cost if you had to pay $.34 a mile. This is what the government allows as a deduction when you can deduct mileage as they figure it is what it costs you per mile. When I think of this, I plan my trips better and save money in the long run.
Debbie / UT
Shopping at the commissary
When in the military, avoid the commissary 3 days before and 3 days after any payday as they raise prices on basic things. ie. milk, bread, diapers, etc.
Cindy / Germany


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