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You've met Mom's sister Abby, the stay-at-home internet bargain shopper. Now Mom would like you to get to know their other sister - Annie (isn't it amazing how much they look alike?).

Annie is the globe-trotting sister - but she still has that family "bargain-hunter" gene. Wherever you want to go - Annie can tell you where to find the best info on where to stay, what to see and how to do it without spending a lot of money.
Annie Talks About TimeShare Properties

Have you ever been to a time share presentation? Usually we get involved by looking for something free - which is my downfall.

I remember the first one I attended. We had gotten an invitation in the mail to view some "lakefront" property about 200 miles from home. They were offering a set of Corningware baking dishes if we would simply look at the deveopment. I really wanted that Corning Ware - and gas was cheap back then - so we headed down to see this fabulous fun spot.

We drove and drove and drove until we thought we had seen every broken down fencepost and weed infested field in Texas. We finally arrived at a single-wide mobile home type office in the middle of more weeds. It was not exactly what we thought we were going to find but we were young and optimistic. After all, we thought they were probably in the early stages of development - even though the sign directing us to the office was faded and peeling.

The agent on duty was on the phone when we walked in - and stayed on the phone for another 20 minutes. When we got up to leave he ended his conversation and asked if we were interested in buying a lot. Not wanting to nix the deal on the free Corningware we said "sure". So we get in his not too clean car for a tour of the property.

We drove down rutted bumpy dirt roads as he pointed out wooden stakes in the ground marking lot lines. Of course he had the perfect property for us - which looked pretty much like all the other fields of weeds we had seen - with no lake in sight. Lake lots? Oh they're more expensive - but you can buy one of these and later "trade up" to a lakefront. Hmmmm. When we asked about utilities like electricity and water he said they were "working on getting them hooked up". On the way back to the office he pointed out the only building we had seen since leaving the office. It was a tiny cabin which he proudly called the "Family Rec Center and General Store". Of course, since it was the weekend it was closed.

Back at the office he pulled out the paperwork to sign for our "perfect lot" and seemed surprised when we said we would have to think about it. "These lots are going fast - it will probably be gone by the end of the day" he told us. As we started to leave I asked about the Corningware gift we were supposed to receive. "Oh, I ran out of those yesterday" he said. "But I have more coming in and I will put one in the mail to you as soon as they arrive."

Now - even though that's a true story - it's not how all timeshares work. Many are beautiful properties where you and your family can vacation each year for a reasonable cost. Unfortunately with the tough economy we're in - many people can no longer afford to take a vacation and find themselves paying payments and fees on a timeshare they can no longer use. A friend recently told me about this great service where you can sell your timeshare and get rid of the cost of paying for something you can't use. If you would rather have cash than timeshare payments check this out.

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