For the past few years I've considered CVS my #1 coupon shopping store. CVS Extra Care Bucks is a great marketing program. I still shopped at Walgreens occasionlly for special deals but constantly ran into problems with management and cashiers who didn't understand how coupons work. It seemed like every time I went into a store the rules had "just changed" on what coupons they would accept. Cashiers were very nervous about taking coupons and kept informing me that they had been told about people getting fired for "coupon fraud".

This was upsetting to me because I play fair with coupons. I think that when you can get great deals by using your coupons honestly it doesn't make sense to try and cheat the system or the stores.

But lately it seems Walgreens has a new attitude about their customers who use coupons and they are adding more great deals with their Register Rewards program.

If you're not familiar with that program here's a short explanation of how it works.

Save with Register Rewards
The Register Rewards program is also a strong incentive to shop at Walgreens. Each week in the ad flyer there will be several RR (Register Reward) deals. A recent ad featured a RR deal that included Reach toothbrushes and Listerine mouthwash. Buy 3 items and get a $6 RR which you can use on your next transaction. I was able to combine manufacturer coupons with the RR program and now have enough mouthwash for myself, my kids and my grandkids to have fresh breath for a long time! One thing to watch on the RR deals. You can come back to the store and do the deal again - but if you're buying mouthwash again - don't use that $6 RR you earned for the first transaction because I new one will not print out. You can use a RR from a different product if you're working on more than one deal. Also watch the expiration dates on these - they usually expire in 2 weeks.

There's also one more nice savings program at Walgreens - their Prescription Savings Club. You purchase the card for $20 a year and can use it to get over 400 generic prescriptions for less than $1 week. I don't take any regular medications so at first I didn't think this would be helpful for me. Then I found out you can use it to purchase pet medications! My dog Emo is allergic to corn, grass and various other things. The vet prescribed a medication that really helps with the itching - but it's close to $40 for a 2 month supply. I was able to get 3 months for $10 at Walgreens with the pharmacy card. Nice savings! You also get 10% cash back on all Walgreens products you buy if you present the card at purchase.

If you haven't shopped at Walgreens recently - I recommend that you give them a try.

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Prescription Gift Cards: Rite Aid often puts out coupons to receive $25 towards a transferred prescription. CVS, Walgreen's (not Wal-Mart) will match/honor these coupons. Coupons can be found in their ads/circular (inside pages) or they can printed from their website:

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